Об услуге

Audit in PR is an assessment of the effectiveness of a project being prepared or implemented; the ability to monitor whether the goals have been achieved and how budgetary investments are correlated with the results.


The Pro-Vision Communications agency has at its disposal a large-scale source database and an extensive geography of monitoring (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan):

Online Media and Social Media

TV and radio

Electronic databases

Printed publications (more than 230 glossy and specialized magazines by subscription)

The agency implements visualization of reports and data in the form of convenient graphs, charts and infographics.

Направления PR-аудита

Media analytics:

Comparative analysis of the informational presence in the media, analysis of competitors and tracking dynamics

Counting PR-value, editorial area, audience reach, emotional coloring of publications

Assessment of the image of a company, brand, person

Analysis of information activity and mentioning in blogs, social networks, forums and other platforms


PR reporting:

Monitoring mentions of the company and / or competitors, advertising in the media and social media

Clippings of publications in any convenient format

Thematic media reviews on markets, political and economic situation

Operational / anti-crisis monitoring, including in the world of social marketing

Press Digests and Newsletters


Special studies:

Desk and field studies (focus groups, surveys, guided discussions)

Text analyzes (phonosemantic, linguistic, etc.)

Specialized research (historical, marketing, financial, etc.)